Highlights of my week (Entry # 2)

Starting this week, my goal is to have at least one new learned lesson or realization per day.


MONDAY (August 14, 2017)

I started my week by watching Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 5. Luckily, I am not following or reading any sites or pages related to GOT that is why I wasn’t spoiled. To be honest, I really don’t get why people love to spoil others who haven’t watch the said episode. Actually not just in watching movies, it also happens in everyday living. Others tend to spoil the fun, or in some cases, dreams and goals of someone. Do they gain satisfaction in doing so? Can we just all live our lives with respect?

Anyways, as I was watching GOT, I was also cutting eggshell papers for my croquis book. In short, I was multitasking. As I finished doing it, I realized I’m not really good at multitasking because too many eggshell papers were wasted because of my balikong cut. It was very different from the papers I cut last Sunday where I was really focused on the cutting of the papers.

With that, I started to think about my study habits. For quite some time now,  I’m always multitasking but frankly speaking I think my focusing ability became a huge part why I flunked almost half of my subjects last school year. I can’t do good when I do all things at the same time. One major here, One GE there. Acads here, social life there.  I wanted to balance my life then but it looks like I wasn’t able to do so. All of these, I don’t want to happen again.

Since I’m starting on a new canvass, I am promising that from this day forward, I will focus in one thing then finish it first before moving to the next bullet on my list.

Actually as a first step, I printed this very simple monthly planner that I got from pinterest just to keep track of every thing that I need to do.

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TUESDAY (August 15, 2017)

In CT 11 today, we tackled about space and how people, especially designers, use space. What captured me the most was that how designers use the body as space. When I was reading the assigned readings. I searched the works of every designer mentioned and Kawakubo’s collection caught my eye.

Here are some of her designs from her different collections.

Looking from the above pictures, we  can say that it is very avant-garde. Actually I never thought such designs exist. I always taught that fashion is about couture gowns or street wears offered by brands inside the malls. But I was really amused to see how freely she was able to express her looks. For me, this is when the body became the subject, not just a wearer of clothes.

Well, let’s be honest, most of the time, especially for women, we only see the body as “something” that needs to be covered or “something” that needs to reach the standards, needs to be curvy or muscular  and that’s one of the shameful acts this word has ever done. Setting standards for the body.

As an aspiring clothing technologist, I want to desgn or create clothes that will make the body free of standards, will make the body as free as the birds fly, as light as the wind, as peaceful as the sea on a sunset.

I don’t know when or how to do it yet but that is something that I’m looking forward to.

WEDNESDAY (August 16, 2017)

This happened during my French 10 class under Miss Dacanay. Actually, she is a transgender woman. Why do I have to say that? For the first two meetings, my classmates mistakenly called her “Sir.” a couple of times and that made her upset. So I think that’s the reason why she gave us a crash course today about Queer Theory. Basically this theory challenged the idea of heterosexuality. For Queer theorists, there is no categories between men or women, hetero or homo. My teacher said that it is not our fault we are mistakenly addressing her as Sir when in fact she looks like more of a woman. She explained that it is because how the society programmed us and we can’t change it is not our fault we can’t immediately change the  way we were programmed.

In a conservative country like the Philippines, we can’t simply deny the fact that LGBT communities here are most of the time oppressed and up until now they are still fighting for their rights. Actually, I have nothing against LGBTs. To be honest, I have a roommate that is  bisexual, a lesbian friend, lots of gay friends (I always love to have gay friends. They are very fun to be with and very creative). I do support their cause and I want to help them as much as I can. I dream of being able to make clothes for them wherein they can show their pride and be confident for who they want to be.

THURSDAY (August 17, 2017)

In CT 14, we were taught about compression, balance, and movement for the body illustration. For me, in order for an illustration to look good, it should possess those three characteristics. I want to relate this characteristics in life. In my own opinion, life will never have value if not because of the hardships or the failures that we face. The challenges that we face everyday, be it as small as a pebble or as big as a boulder, make one person stronger than yesterday and hopeful for the upcoming tomorrow. This is the compression and movement of life. Of course, God is still good that is why there is always the sun and the rainbow after a storm. This is how He balances this world. And for me, this is the value of life.

FRIDAY (August 18, 2017)

Yey! It’s Friday! Best day of the week 🙂 Today in Bio 1, we talked about different types of cancer. Yeah, the fatal illness called cancer. As my professor discussed each type and how these cancer cells develop and/or affect one person, I can’t help but to think how one cell could alter a person’s life one time, big time.

As far as I know, cancer do not run in both sides of the family (Luckily, I guess). But there are still some that can be caused by external factors such as secondhand smoke (lung cancer) and many more. I STRONGLY HATE THOSE WHO SMOKE. I don;t care if they want to kill theirselve (kidding , a little) but PLEASE YOU PUT US ALSO IN DANGER! Go smoke somewhere else where there are no people that could inhale those very dangerous “air”. I really do think that everyone SHOULD AND MUST ALWAYS BE CAREFUL and THINK ABOUT OTHERS’ WELFARE! (Please!) We never know may be the next person that we stand beside on a street could get such illness because of all the smoke cigars emit.

Just the beginning …

My most tiring first week of class ever! It was like an everyday walkathon for me. But still, there are so much good things to look out for!


With the first week of my first semester as a nonmajor done, I want to congratulate myself for not breaking down. Yeah I know it is too early for breakdown moments but SWEAR! This is the most stressful, most hassle first week of classes of my entire life! Imagine, I started my first day very anxious because I still need to prerog my “majors” since I wasn’t able to enlist them during the manual registration. To be honest, I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully the night before since I had to make my plan B just in case my prerogs fail. However, thank God CT professors are not very strict when it comes to prerogatives.

So, moving forward, I want to talk about the highlight of my very tiring week. It was in CT 11 when we were asked to wear something that was part of the collection of our favorite designer. I was kinda startled since my favorite designers are Elie Saab and Michael Cinco so I thought “Kailangan ba gown?!?!?! Wala akong gown?” So when I got home, I immediately searched Elie Saab’s collections and luckily I remembered that he has Ready-To-Wear line so the search continued. Actually, I had a very hard time looking for the dress that I would be wearing because of the fact that I brought very limited clothes with me ( I am a dormer by the way) but after so many hours, I’ve finally found the one! (chos).

I chose to wear this. It is from Elie Saab’s Fall 2015 collection. It is a low v-cut long light dress with flower patterns.

Elie Saab’s collection Fall 2015

Lucky for me, I have a dress that I bought from Empire Fashion Cafe – Maginhawa a month ago. It is a knee-length, flower-printed, sleeveless dress with a low V-cut. Since I don’t really like wearing any sleeveless clothes, I paired it with a cardigan that I bought years ago from Divisoria (I love Divisoria so much!). As for the shoes, I don’t own any heels since I am not comfortable wearing one so I wore a galaxy-themed boots that my mom bought for me from H&M during its sale season .
(Author’s Note: I am sorry for not having a picture while wearing it. I am too shy to take a picture 😦 Maybe next time ^_^v )

Galaxy Boots

It was kinda hot to wear it tho since the classroom is a little bit small for us and the ventilation is not quite good so yeah I sweat a lot haha.

Next, we were asked to create our own creative space. This space will serve as our own little world where we will be able to free our minds, to let go of our fears, and to escape, even just for awhile, the real world.

202’s Creative Space: Where Creative Minds Live

To be honest before this semester started, my roommates and I, being the four of us are from the “art courses” (three are BA courses while I consider my soon-to-be course a mix of science and arts), already organized this creative space inside the unit. We cleared the small space under the stairs and put something that is valuable for us. I placed playing cards since I love playing bridge and it helps me ease some stress. Others put watercolors, paintbrushes, and also a lot of stuffed toys. I think it’s a really good idea to have this kind of small place inside our home.

Actually, I’ve been thinking to turn my study table into something similar to the concept of creative spaceA place wherein  I could always remember my goals and aspirations especially during hard times where I needed it the most.

Well, let’s see if I will be able to do my plan. I’ll blog it next time when I finished redecorating my table.

Au revoir!