Just things … (Entry # 14)

Last week, my groupmates and I had a chance to meet our client for the wardrobing project.

It was kind of nostalgic for me since I haven’t done interviews for years and I can’t believe that I actually missed it! I used to be a journalism student for six years (from Grade 5 to 4th year highschool) therefore I could say that I do quite know how to do interviews without a very very awkward atmosphere.

Talking to our client was actually fun! At first, we thought this interview would be like one question, one answer because she has this certain first impression that would make you think twice before you speak. We were wrong. She’s actually open to suggestions as long as (her favorite line throughout the  interview) “Basta kasya!”.

We were able to ask questions and get the information that we need to know in order to give her a successful wardrobe plan. Now, we are planning to give her a wardrobe that will make her look mature and bring out her inner potentials. We have flavors of coffee as our concept even though she doesn’t like coffee, at all. We thought, it’s actually a good thing (that she doesn’t drink one) because this will make our concept stronger. Coffee will represent her “new/improved” self that she didn’t know she has because she never looked into it.

Basically, that’s our plan for her.

Well, not to brag but our final concept was actually patterned from mine. To be honest, I was only able to think of coffee as a concept an hour before the class (sorry Mam haha) but I assure you, MIND MAPPING WAS D BOMB!  Lol but kidding aside, it really helped me to have the result that I need in order to give a perfect representation of our client’s needs and wants.

I’m looking forward to see the progress of our wardrobe project for our client (since this is also the first time that I’ll do one for others because I don’t even do one for myself ).



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