#ADULTING101 (Entry # 13)

10,000php for a 7-day wardobe.

Upon hearing our assignment, I thought “Madali lang ito since 10,000 naman budget. Malaki na yun.” But man, I was wrong.

When I was choosing clothes for the client, I find it really hard to stick with the budget. I don’t know if the items there were just expensive OR I don’t know how to budget at all when it comes to shopping.

I’m not a shopaholic tho. It’s just that when it comes to buying stuff, I have a difficulty in prioritizing what to buy. IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME FOR ME TO CHOOSE ONE ITEM. Actually, it took me two days to finish the wardrobe collection.

In addition, as I was doing the homework, I realized HOW TO ADULT WHEN IT COMES TO BUDGETS?!?! It’s so hard. I admit I’m dorming for about a year already but I’m only 35% good at it. I get distracted easily. I buy things impulsively because I just can’t resist doing so 😭.

Also, I noticed that one of the reasons why it took me two days to finish that homework is because I keep on not getting the look that I want for the client since I’m not used to mix and match a single set of clothes for a week. Now, these are just two of the maaannnyyy skills that I need to learn in order to live the sustainable fashion lifestyle.

I CAN DO THIS! Fighting!





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